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 - falafel - 

small plate: four falafel & sauces $5

 Sandwich: falafel, beet & carrot SLAW, RED CABBAGE, sauces $6

Platter: falafel, HUMMUS, beet & carrot SLAW, mixed GREENS, panbread, sauces $12

Feast: Falafel, flatbread, hummus, baba ghanouj, tzatziki, pickles, slaw, mixed greens, tahini, zhoug, toum $32


Sauces          Tahini: Sesame          Zhoug: Cilantro Chile          Toum: Garlic

add-ons $1 each:  

pickles  - hummus  -  baba  -  brussels  -  feta  -  tzatziki  -  yogurt - extra falafel


 - Kebabs - 

small plate: one skewer & sauces

Chicken $6/ Lamb & Pork Kofta $7/ Skirt Steak $8

 chicken Sandwich: mixed greens, pickled red onion, feta, harissa, in a flatbread $9

kebab Platter: yogurt, louisiana rice, cabbage slaw, grilled summer vegetables, harissa

Chicken: lemon, garlic, tarragon, sumac $12

Lamb & Pork kofta: cayenne, cardamom, cilantro, duqqa $14

Skirt Steak: urfa pepper, coffee, cumin, aleppo pepper $16

kebab Feast: chicken and your choice of lamb & pork kofta or beef

flatbread, louisiana rice, cabbage slaw, pickled vegetables, grilled seasonal vegetables, yogurt, harissa $48


 - Dips - 

Hummus $6

Baba Ghanouj $7

tzatziki $6.50

All dips served with house-made pan bread

flatbread $1.50 / piece

 - everything else - 


lentil soup: yogurt, parsley   $5/9

mixed greens: dill-tahini-whey dressing, cherry tomatoes, pickled shallots, Georgian spiced sunflower seeds  $8

dragon tongue beans: charred garlic scape, preserved lemon, confit cherry tomatoes, walnuts, oregano $11

spring radishes:  radish greens, charred spring onion, dried lime, whipped feta $9

dolmas: seared stuffed collard greens, Louisiana white rice, preserved lemon, mint adjika $8


 - sides - 

Brussels sprouts $6

french fries + toum $4

Roasted Beets, herb pesto, feta $5.50

Carrot and Beet Slaw $4

pickled vegetables $3


 - DRINKS - 



House cocktails $8.50

Rotating selection of craft beer & Wine